Admissions Policy
  1. An application fee of S$240 or S$250 from 1 August 2019 (including GST) is payable at application submission and is non-refundable at enrolment conclusion.  No application is considered until the application fee is paid.
  2. For new enrolments, on offer of a place, a confirmation fee (one time payment for new students) of S$2,400 or S$2,500 from 1 August 2019 (including GST) is payable.  The confirmation fee is a non-refundable administrative fee, and the full amount applies regardless of enrolment date.  The school will then issue a Student Contract and a Letter of Acceptance followed by an invoice for school/course fee payment.
  3. Upon entry to the school, all students must be a Singapore permanent resident or in possession of a valid student or dependant pass.
  4. Singapore citizens, including those who hold dual nationality, may enrol at the Kindergarten Level but may not enrol in the Primary (Years 1-6) without written permission from the Ministry of Education.
  5. Incoming students will be placed in year levels based upon their age and previous educational level. Any exception will be on a case-by-case basis at the discretion of the Head of Primary / Head of Secondary.
  6. Continuing placement at Chatsworth is dependent upon the student meeting our age-appropriate academic and behavioral expectations.
  7. Copies of previous school records must be provided - with English translations where relevant. 
  8. Students with special needs:
    • Prior to formal application, the school must be informed of any academic, physical or behavioral issues and all relevant documentation must be provided. Where necessary, further documentation or testing may be required. Failure to inform the school of any relevant issues may jeopardise the enrolment or continued enrolment of the student.
    • Where a student with special needs is enrolled in the school, subsequent ongoing placement will be based upon the student's ability to continue to function independently within our regular programme and without adversely affecting the learning or well being of other children.
    • Sometimes a provisional or, in the case of behavioral issues, a probationary placement may be offered.  In such cases, the student may be required to leave the school if this is considered to be in the best interests of that student or of the student community as a whole.